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GE Leaking from Bottom


Help! All my kids' dirty laundry broke my wash machine! I went downstair tonight and there was water everywhere, looks like it's coming from the bottom, lot of movement in tub, feels loose, it's only about 3 years old, top load. Any help is greatly appreciated!

thank you,


Model WHDRR418E1WW

Maybe a hose came off or something simple. You won't know until you take the front panel off and have a look for yourself. To open the panel insert a putty knife or an old AOL CD in the front crack about 6" from each corner to release a couple of spring clips. The panel will pull out and lift off of 2 tabs at the bottom of the cabinet so you can run the machine and see the leak source. Let us know what you find!

 The washer has 4 of these mounted on top of the tub. They stretch and they break and when they do, they let water slosh out of the washer.To get to them you must remove the front panel by using a putty knife. Then remove the 2 screws holding down the top. remove the top and shazamm there they will be ;D

Thanks, I'm going to try to figure it out, I'll let you know what happens!


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