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Replacing both evaporator fan motor and motherboard on GE SXS Refrigerators

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Does this only apply to the SXS refers?

It applies to any GE refigerator with the motherboard and 12 volt evaporator motor.

Just to be clear, would this apply to a "GTH22SBRARBS"? The board looks completely different but there are quite a few discolored resistors on the one that I'm currently getting ready to replace the motherboard.

Hello Rick,you have done a great job of illustrating the job to be done.I am sure many of us will learn a lot and save lots of frustrations and time and money.Thanks!

Anytime my friends! Here's some motherboard tech information for anyone that can use it. I just finished it and found one small mistake but corrected it. If any one sees any mistakes, please let me know. Thank you!


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