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Replacing both evaporator fan motor and motherboard on GE SXS Refrigerators

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This is a rewrite of a thread I started in 2011 in an attempt to make it easier to understand how to determine whether the evaporator fan motor should also be replaced with the motherboard on GE refrigerators with failed motherboards.

Iíve had to replace both the variable speed DC evaporator fan motor along with main control boards or ďmotherboardsĒ on GE side by side refrigerators, mostly the GSS HSS and PSS 20-22-25-27 cubic ft. models with both metal and plastic liners. Iíve found around half of these board failures were partly due to a faulty/shorted DC evaporator fan motor.

Moisture gets inside the fan motor or thermistor thatís attached to the fan motor and causes shorts in the motor.

Replacing just the motherboard and not the fan motor will only result in another failed motherboard in a short amount of time.

To determine whether or not the fan motor should be replaced with the motherboard, first look at the two resistors below the J2 connector.
If they are burned or discolored you should replace the fan motor.

Remove the J2 connector and check the resistance in the harness between the J2-3 white wire and J2-8 red wire. There should be approximately 1.5K to 3.0K Ohms. If it reads open or shorted you should recheck it at the motor. If the readings are the same replace the fan motor.

On the mother board, check for 13 VDC between J2-3 and J2-8 and check for between 8-13 VDC between J2-3 and J2-4.
When no voltage is measured at the motherboard check for a short in the fan motor between the yellow and white wire and the red and white wire. A short in the fan motor will damage the motherboard.

If either of the following symptoms exists, freezer section thawing and refreezing, fan motor speed erratic or makes noise, or water stains and/or rust on the fan motor, then I would recommend you replace the fan motor.

While replacing the motherboard on GE refrigerators is common on all models, I have not seen this particular problem on top mount, bottom mount, french door, or inverter models.

Iíve marked the image and picture of a failed motherboard for easy reference.


GE Refrigerator Main Control Board Part # WR55X10942

Note: Due to manufacturer changes replacement board may appear different in configuration compared to the original.
Instructions are included with the replacement board.

GE Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor Part # WR60X10185

Great information, awesome post!  O0

Thanks AJ! You should make it sticky.


--- Quote from: rickgburton on May 11, 2012, 08:23:19 AM ---Thanks AJ! You should make it sticky.

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Good idea, done.  O0

Replacing the motherboard is probably not required if it is the new WR55X10942. To GE's credit,they isolated the sensitive drivers with relays.


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