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Ice and water dispensers not working

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We have a Kitchen Aid side-by-side model #KSCS25INSS00 with mfg date: 1-05 (didn't last much past warranty!@#$!)

The ice maker inside the unit is working but the ice and water dispensers don't work.  The display lights/LEDs on the door panel are not working (dead).  The light switch inside the freezer operates the light on & off and the display & controls inside the refrigerator all are working.

I have found the Whirlpool manual #R92 on your web site (much appreciated).  

Do you have any guidence, experience, or words of advice.....before I tear into this thing and start poking around???

First thing I would check is the wires where they go thru the door hinge area, known problems with them breaking in this location....if this is the problem you have to hope there is enough wire to splice them back together, either that or have to replace the door....if this is not the cause will have to look elsewhere....

Thanks Pegi....the wires at the base of the door appear stress or scrape marks and they are not pulled tight (strained) when the door is opened & closed.....we are in Georgia and are prone to electrical storms (kinda like Texas....) and although I have a surge suppressor on the unit, are their other components that are weak and have a habit of failing??

Ok the next time the displays and lights all go dead push in on the light switch and release it and tell me if everything comes back on....if so I believe I know the fix...

No luck with the light switch.....the panel is totally dead none of the lights or LEDs work.....??


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