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Admiral Dryer AED4475TQ1 stopped running PLEASE HELP!!

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anyway here we go i have power to both legs of the dryer. I also tested thermal fuse, door switch, start switch, , high limit t stat, cycling t stat, and finally the dryer element. unless there is another component hidden somewhere i believe the only thing left is the timer and motor. Now is there any way to test these two items because the timer costs 100 and the motor costs another 100 with the shipping and i really dont have the money to waste on guesses. Once again thank you for all the help and standing by with anybody's input.

Model AED4475TQ1

Does the motor turn freely?

Set the timer for Timed Dry. Check the timer for continuity between the black wire and light blue wire.  No continuity means bad timer.  Check for power at the motor.  You should have 120vac between 4M and 6M.  With the start button pressed you should have 120vac between 4M and 5M.

I've seen a few intermittent thermal fuses.  Check for a 120vac voltage drop between the thermal fuse terminals with the start button pressed.

yes JW the motor turns smooth and free.

Tgoods i will test the timer and the motor today.

Thank you both for quick responses. I will let you know the results soon.


--- Quote from: madgreek on April 21, 2012, 05:35:05 PM --- ... tested thermal fuse
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the white plastic Thermal Fuse ?


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