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Broken dryer heating element


I have used a metal crimp to attach the two broken ends of the wire in my dryer heating element. It works. Is this repair likely to last and is there anything wrong with repairing it like this?

It is a slick trick but sadly, the element itself is brittle from exposure of heat over time. This fix may seem sweet but it will not last.

i have seen a repair like you describe in customers machines in the past and pointed it out as a inproper repair, and been told by the customer it was done 5 years in the past

BUT.... if that heater lets go and sparks a year down the road there might be enough lint in the dryer to start a fire

so..... element might be 50 dollars, whats the insurance deductable on your home if the dryer catches fire?

never cheap out on repairs like this, its not worth the risk

do it right the first time, some mistakes are not work the learning expierience


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