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Complaint: Dryer makes a loud squeaky noise

Unplugged the dryer and removed the front panel. Next I removed the tumbler front and pulled the drum forward just enough to see the back drum rollers. A turned the drum rollers by hand and the one above the heating element made a bad squeaky noise.

Solution: Removed the old rollers. Cleaned up the shafts with some WD40. Replace both Drum Rollers with a couple new ones.

Model DE212

Them dang rollers are costly aint they? I woulda oiled that sucker. what is that part number 303383 or something like that? 18 bucks apiece. Pretty hefty.

Factory part number is 12001541
Sometime you can get by with just some WD40, but seems like anytime I try that a month later I'm right back there again for the same thing. New drum rollers the first time around works wonders for call backs.

I have found Royal Purple gun & fishing reel oil works better than any oil I have ever used. It is all synthetic & holds up under heat & cold better. That roller being above the element gets excessive heat & this oil will hold up better. Hope that helps.

I will remove the roller and see if it is OK. I will sand down the shaft and oil it with zoom oil. It will be better than new.


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