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Whirlpool Dryer Not Drying



Model #LEP6046AW0, the complaint was the unit would not dry clothes and the customer would need to start the dryer several times just to get one load done. Needing multiple cycles to dry a load of clothes is a sure sign of a restricted venting system and this was the case here. I did a quick check of the heating system to check and see which component failed and found the thermal cut-out was open preventing the heating element from operating. Basically what happened here was the vent was folded over on itself preventing proper airflow to dry the clothes. Without the airflow to cool the element, the inside temperature will rise quickly to higher levels than normal and subject all the internal thermostats to this excessive heat. After a period of days or weeks, these higher heat levels will cause the thermal cut-out to open up and stop current flow to the element. Replaced the cut-out and high limit thermostat (they come together in a kit ) and reinstalled the vent for proper airflow and now the unit will dry clothes again.



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