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furnace fan running cont. no cooling

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Hi guys, I need some help. I do not have much info. trying to help an elderly person with there A/C unit. I was told the indoor fan runs continuously but there is no cooling, indoor fan will not shut off, my first thought would be fan relay. the owner could not tell me if this furnace is gas or electric or the make and model. just wanted some input of what i should look for. I do very little A/C work, and I would like to help this customer if I can. I will go out to take a look. I do not have A/C parts on my truck. what should I take with me? what would be a common relay to take with me? or limit switches?  thanks

If unit is in auto fan mode it will not cycle until thermostat is satisfied. If unit is low on freon you may have an iced up evaporator coil which would block the flow of air. A dirty coil would also block air flow. Check that your condenser units compressor and condenser fan are running. Good luck.

The fan lever on the thermostat must be in the MANUAL position on the thermostat. They might think the ac is on but just the fan is running and therefore she ain't cooling. Make sure it is in the AUTO position and the tstat is set for cooling. Replace the filter and wash down the outside unit. Oil the fan motors. Once you make sure all of that is up to snuff report back with not necessarily the model number but what kind of unit it is and include any photos of it you might have a question with. 

If this is a gas furnace,reset all the rollout switches on the burners. A tripped rollout switch causes the fan to run continuously.

Sorry guys for the late update, when i arrived at the house. I noticed to fan was not running as the customer said, so I switched the T stat to cool and auto nothing happened, so I took of the housing and jumped the G &R  and the fan came on, then i jumped the Y & R and the condenser and comp. came on, so I changed out the T Stat and problem was solved, thanks for all your help. also before i did all of this i checked all of the safety switches on the furnace all checked good.


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