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Kenmore Gas Dryer No Heat

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 This dryer will tumble and blow air but no heat. You can smell gas coming out of vent. The dryer partially dried for awhile. I would like to see a manual if possible. Thanks

Model 110.87621100

Natural or LP gas? I have seen LP burners fall apart,also ck for a spider web in the burner.

I can't find the manual for that particular dryer, but it looks like one of the standard Whirlpool gas dryers.

Does the ignitor glow ?

Does the flame come on at all ?

Is there good air-flow out the back of the dryer vent

Was it clogged ?

If it partially dried for awhile, chances are you need a set of gas coils on the valve, a cheap and easy repair. When these fail, the burner may ignite once or twice, then later won't let the gas out as it should. If you want to look at a manual for reference purposes, I can offer you a similar model which has the same gas valve setup as yours. Download the manual below and scroll to the gas section within the document.

Whirlpool 27" dryer manual

Generally, this type of failure is associated with a blocked or improperly installed exhaust.

Yeah if the dryer can go one good time and then shut down and stop drying I have come across this before. You need to change these dudes:


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