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Simpson Maxi Dry 505 (reverse cycle clothes dryer)

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When I turn on the machine, all I hear is a tic tic tic tic tic sound.  If I turn the machine around and spin the little wheel where the belt is, the bottom wheel, the machine starts to work.  When it gets to the reverse cycle change over, it stops and makes that tic-tic-tic sound again.  So I spin that little wheel again, and it works again,  It however no longer reverses, but it will work until the timer shuts it off.

It seems to me, that the reverse cycle switch is malfunctioning.  How hard is it to repair this?


The arcing that occurs everytime this joker switches the polarity makes the points burn up over time. If you could get into the switch itself and polish the contacts,that might fix the prob.

Thank you for your reply.  I will see how to get at that switch, and give it a go.

laudesan did you have any luck getting the repaired?

Could we get a model number?

Yes eventually.  Thank you for your excellent advice, it was the switch, and needed replacing for the grand total of 20.00  Machine works perfectly now and we saved the huge expense of the call out fee of a professional.  Thank you again for your help.

Cheers JJ


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