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Newbie needs help wiring Trane TCONT802AS32DAA

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Its a Sears Kenmore mid eff natural gas furnace with a/c

that terminal is actually labelled W1 on the inside of the block and O on the outside (left page of my last attachment)...not sure what thats all about???

I didn't realize I posted the Trane instructions sideways....this should be easier to read

Gas heat needs a slower fan speed than AC which needs a a higher rate of speed. Electric heat needs to have full speed fan as soon as the thermostat is fired off. Heatpumps need extra terminals for reversing solenoid and defrost cycles. Your thermostat must therefore be set up to operate for gas heat and central ac. Why is you putting that fancy thermostat up there if yall have a plain jane gas furnace with central heat?

My wife says she liked it.....what can I say ::)


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