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Newbie needs help wiring Trane TCONT802AS32DAA

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I just replaced a White Rogers electronic thermostat with a Trane XL802. The guy I bought it from (ebay) said it was identical to the Honeywell Visionpro and would wire up the same way.
I downloaded the install instr for the Honeywell and it looked pretty straightforward so I ordered the Trane (which is supposed to be a re-branded Honeywell).
Well as luck would have it the base plates of the Honeywell and Trane are different and so are the wiring blocks and codes on those blocks.
I tried following the instructions on the Trane but they are far more complex than the Honeywell instructions.
I did the best I could and heat is working but not cool...
I have attached pics of the original thermo base (note the jumper bet RC and RH)... the fours wires are, red, green, white, yellow and the way its now wired to the new thermo base.

any help would be appreciated :) (It appears to be one pic per post so I will attach pics shortly)

this is the baseplate for the Trane...

This is the wiring plan for the Honeywell is a lot different than the Trane

Here is the Trane wiring diagram

The 1st pic has the white wire going to W the 2nd pic has it attached to O. I don't know if that could make a diff. What you got? A single stage heatpump?


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