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Kenmore Wine Cellar - Won't Stop Cooling

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Kenmore Wine Cellar 32 Bottle Capacity 4614322 Model # 183.14322

Unit was working great for 4 years.  Then started to not cycle the compressor off and just continues to cool.  Found wine down to 32degrees.  Not good for wine!
I've taken everything apart and found 2 circuit boards.  One at the power supply at the bottom and a small one at the top for the temperature controls.
Went to our local Sears parts distribution center and they do not list any electrical parts for this unit at all.  :'(  So nothing from Sears and nothing found online.

Does anyone know about these units?  I would love to just buy/replace the circuit boards.  Short of that, any good ideas to just bypass the boards and install a thermostat
to cycle the unit on/off.  Wine only needs to remain 53 degrees.

looks like the unit has this to be control board Part Number: AP3437269
Manufacturer's Number: RF-0668-04

It could be a bad sensor, RF-6250-01.

I would go with sensor replacement before board replacement. The ice box is cooling well it just does not know it is. If the sensor is open or shorted then the circuit board won't get changes in resitance in the sensor which are monitored by the circuit board to shut down the cold production.

Shawn Ryan has a video which shows how to check sensors on an ice box:


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