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Kitchenaid Range Hot Surface Light Always On


Model # KERC507HBS3, The hot surface indicator light for the right front burner was always illuminated on this range. The light is located along with the other three burner indicators under the glass cook top in the middle front and is there to give a visual indicator to users that the surface is possible still hot. Each light is powered by a thermostat that is mounted to each element and is actuated by a sensor rod that can be seen when the burner is on. Sometimes these thermostat contacts will stick closed resulting in the indicator light staying on all the time. I installed a new element , and now the light operates properly.

Range Surface Burner Element Part # 8523696

It is pretty expensive to replace a burner just because a dang light is stuck. Lets say this puppy is OOW and the light seems to be a nuisance, how would one go about just making that light go away without buying costly parts? :)

Very true.  These elements are not low cost that is for sure.  If you just wanted to make the problem go away, you could simply unplug the wire that runs to the hot indicator light (the upper left connector in the photo) and the problem is solved.  The customer just needs to understand there will no longer be a visual indication of a hot burner. 

Besides the four burners there is also a "warming element" in the middle towards the back. Check to make sure you haven't accidently hit the warming element button. The "warming element button" is located on the top left above the controls for the left side burners. This is what happened to me. 
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