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Maytag LAT8704AAE Washer Leak


I have a leak coming from the area where the agitator shaft enters the tub.  Is there any easy trick to get the clamp nut off without a special tool?  Also, how many parts would I have to replace to stop the leak?

Model LAT8704AAE

Hi endresrk,

--- Quote ---Is there any easy trick to get the clamp nut off without a special tool?
--- End quote ---

The only thing I ever use is the Maytag Spanner Wrench

This nut has left handed threads on it. Sometime I have to cut them off as they just don't come off even with the right tool, but you really should have the spanner wrench to make sure you get the nut put back on good and tight.

--- Quote ---Also, how many parts would I have to replace to stop the leak?
--- End quote ---

They make a kit (#29 in the attachment) that has every part you need to repair that type of leak.

Here you go..

Mounting Stem Repair Kit

That clap nut and the other part under it that also screws on are left handed threads.
The part that screws down against the tub seal has a set screw in it. You will have to remove the set screw to remove the old part.

Do not over tighten the part with the set screw. It's easy to over tighten with the spanner wrench.
Just thread it on by hand and give it a light tap with the wrench. The job of the set screw is to hold it in place.

The kit should come with some instructions. I could not find them online tonight, but can scan some from a kit later Monday.

Also if you did not already find it on our home page here is the service manual for that washer.
Lots of good info. These are some of the best washers Maytag ever made.

I have a Maytag washer like yours that is about 12 years old and I will do what ever I can to keep it running. They are great washers.  :)

Let us know if you have any other questions and please let us know how the repair goes.

Good luck,


Fanstastic feedback!!  I had not found the repair manual on line, so that was extremely helpful.  Since the laundry was piling up, I decided to buy the parts locally instead of on-line, which cost me an extra $20.  I only replaced the mounting stem and boot seal, although the local parts supply house recommended the I replace the outer tub seal.  I also removed the clamp nut with a couple "taps" from a hammer on a screwdriver.  The spanner wrench would probably work better, but it was ~$20.  I did notice that the center shaft seal was a little different than the one I took off.  It didn't require the lock ring and washer.

I did call a local appliance repair shop...they wanted $70 just to come to the house and figure out what to do, and that didn't apply to parts and labor.

Thanks for the help

That's great!

Glad to have been able to help out.


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