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LG washer/dryer combo WM3455HS not drying

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Even though ventless , there is a "dry vent" assembly with dry fan at top . There will be a clog of lint midway in plastic vent . Take off back of machine, take off top of machine, unscrew dry vent fan (white and in top corner of machine), unscrew bottom of white plastic vent 5 screws, I used wire hanger from top to push clog to bottom, then used fingers to pull out. Yuck.

When this problem arises, AIRFLOW is the issue. I remove the top and rear panel. The dryer and its venting system is slightly like a puzzle. Removing the large tube that runs from the top to bottom and washing out FULLY with a garden hose will resolve the problem. Be prepared, when it gets to the state of not drying fully, there will be mucho linto.... :D As a curiosity, inspect where the dryer casing (BROWN) makes a 180 degree turn into the top of the front outer tub... I've seen airflow so inhibited that it melted the tub!!!!(Directly underneath) O0 Let me know if i could be of more assistance.


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