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LG washer/dryer combo WM3455HS not drying

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I just bought a used LG WM3455HS from a private party. The machine washes great and will dry the clothes to a damp state, but not to fully dry. In some googling, I've read that lint may be collecting in a tube or duct and hinders or stops the drying process completly. A service call is required where a tech digs into the works of the machine to clean out the lint. I have not been able to find any DIY's for this process or even where this collection point is located. Any hints from the experts would be greatly appreciated. I have done some washer repair before (Neptune bearings) so not afraid to dig in.


Looks like I got the model wrong. It is a WM3431HS instead of a 3455. thx

The best thing to do is take the dryer vent off back of dryer, see if it drys better.

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Sorry - I should have mentioned that it's a ventless model. thx

heres the test mode, see if i can find out anything else for you.


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