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GE Microwave No Display, No Operation


Model # SCA1000DBB03, the unit was completely dead as if it was unplugged. Looking at the wiring diagram, this unit has two ceramic fuses and two thermal overload devices (TOD's) that are designed to cut the power to the unit in the event of an overheating or excessive current situation. Both fuses checked good so I next checked both TOD's for continuity. The first is attached to the magnetron (in case it overheats) and it check out OK. The second is usually attached to the left top of the microwave cavity and is often called a flame sensor because if you put your pop tart in for 10 minuets instead of 10 seconds and it burst into flame, this is the TOD that will open up to cut the power. Sure enough, this one was open electrically and was preventing current flow to the electronics. Replaced the cavity TOD and now the microwave is working again.

Microwave TOD Tco Part # WB21X10046


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