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Maytag dryer LDG8606AAE motor replacement

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Thanks again.  To summarize this is my plan for the electrical connections

Gray - connect to 1/4" Thermal Protector Tab
Red - change to 1/8" terminal and connect to #5
Blue/White - connect to #1
Black - connect to #2
Yellow - change to 1/8" terminal and connect to #6

Does this sound correct?  This follows the directions for the electric dryer instructions, but I have a gas dryer.

When I looked at the motor this morning there are 2 terminals for most of the "rows".  One terminal is 1/8" and the other is 1/4".  It looks like these terminals are connected for each "row".  I did not get out my ohmmeter to confirm this, but it looks like the 2 terminals are connected.  So, why do I need to change to 1/8" terminals?  Why not just use the 1/4" terminal instead?

If I had an electrical diagram for the new motor I would feel more comfortable about the directions.


--- Quote from: strobelite1 on February 16, 2012, 03:08:51 PM ---... Does this sound correct? 
... Why not just use the 1/4" terminal instead?

--- End quote ---
1) yes
2) I don't know

Update on the dryer.  With the instructions and the clarification on the wiring instructions, the motor has been replaced and dryer is working great.

Of course there were a couple of hiccups

 1) Could not find the 1/8" connectors at any store.  Used 3/16" connectors and these seem to work fine
 2) Could not get the set screw for the pulley loosened.  Finally had to heat the pulley with a propane torch to get it loose
 3) Broke the interior light bulb while removing the drum.  Went to a local appliance store, paid $5 for a light bulb that does not fit

Thanks for all of the help with the motor replacement.  The place I bought the motor from tried to help but it was just taking too long for them to get the instructions to me.

i just helped another tech. with problem
take a look at terminal # 5 it looks like terminal but its actually the ground terminal.
look at the terminals straight on and youll see the real problem

 :thanks: donsabol! That is exactly what the problem with mine was. I had it plugged into the ground post instead of the correct one.



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