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Maytag dryer LDG8606AAE motor replacement

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The dryer on my Maytag dryer went bad so I ordered a new motor (PN Y303358).

However, this part has been replaced by part W10410999.  When I received the motor there was supposed to be the motor, instructions and a couple of electrical plugs.  Unfortunately the box only contained the motor.  So, the vendor sent a second motor and the same thing happened.

Since the electrical connections on the new motor are different than the old motor, I really need the instructions.

Where can I get the instructions for the motor replacement?

Model LDG8606AAE

Instruction sheet attached.  I have a ton of those terminals. If you can't find any, PM me your address and I'll send you a few.

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Thanks for the instructions.  I read them last night and of course the instructions don't exactly line up with my dryer.  The wiring instructions (gas dryer) list the following five wires:

Gray, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow

My dryer has a sixth wire.  There is a white wire that goes into the same terminal as the blue wire.  Attached is the wiring diagram from my dryer.

So, I have 2 questions
   1) What should be done with the white wire?  According to the wiring diagram it goes to the timer motor.
   2) According to the instructions, the blue wire is only being used for a terminal.  I am supposed to cut the blue wire and connect it to the red wire and plug both of these wires to the motor.  What should I do with the loose blue wire?  According to the wiring diagram, it goes to the door switch.

This job would be so much easier if I had the original motor part, instead of this replacement part.

for your model, ignore the right column ACTION
Blue and White go together to # 1
Red = # 5
Don't connect # 1 to # 5


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