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Got my first mac just two years ago. Still remember being at the register paying for it and thinking to myself I'm I really going to pay this much for a laptop, lol...

Two years later I would never think of spending a dime on anything other then a Mac.

There are so many things on a Mac that "just work". I think it makes a big difference that the operating system and hardware all comes from one place, Apple.

When you buy a Windows computer the operating system comes from Microsoft and the hardware in the computer comes from some other place or most likely a number of different manufactures.

I also have the Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station wireless router. It's also about two years old and ever since I plugged it in on day one I have never had one problem with it. Can't say that about any other wireless router I have ever had. It's another Apple product that "just works".

dab, what model mac do you have?

I'm looking at getting one of the new 13" models, but my old macbook is still working just fine for me, lol...
May still get one after the holidays and pass my old macbook down to my son.

15 inch macBook Pro,13 inch macBook and a 24 inch I mac that is about 5 years old.15 inch is only about 2 years old.

I have a 13 plastic macbook for truck and its about 4 years old and the least expensive .If it got stolen i would cry a little but my nice aluminum 15 inch macBrook Pro.It would hurt real bad.

Wow, you have a lot of macs.

My macbook is also the 13" plastic model and was also the least expensive at the time.
The only regret I have had since purchasing it was that i did not spend a little more and get a aluminum model.

Today Apple don't even offer a plastic model, so I can't make that mistake again, :)
Nothing wrong with my plastic model, but the aluminum models looks really nice.

Just seen CNN report this well eating lunch. Apple is going to start making some macs in the United States.,0,5928933.story

Darn it, this discussion has got me excited about purchasing a new macbook pro. :)

To anyone using PC with Windows Systems Operation.
PC with Windows System Operation, any version, has a “POWERFUL SEARCH ENGINE” that allow to you to find anything in your computer hard drive, DVD/CD devices, USB flash drive, etc.
You don’t need to know the complete name of the file or document, or where your the file is located (although, it better to have this information).

For Windows XP follow these steps.
-   Click Start and from the pop up select Search (Icon that has a magnifier)
-   Search Results screen will show. In the left side of the screen you will see different criteria  to  find files, documents, etc. “What do you want to search for?” 
-   Click in All files and folders, if you want to find a file.
-   In All or part of the file name box type the partial or complete name of file that you want to find.
-   In Look in, select the location of the file, hard drive, DVD/CD, or any media that you are using.
-   Click Search. I guarantee you that before you move your hands of the keyboard the file will be show in the right side of the screen.
-   Now Click or Double Click in the file and the Systems Operation will open automatically the file. You will need to have installed application to open PDF file (Adobe Reader is the most popular) but there are other application that can be used to open it.

My recommendations are; read carefully the many options or criteria that you have to find information in your computer, practice and see the result that you get, and if you have the time and want to learn to get the most of the computer click in help in any screen. You will learn to do many things.


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