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Author Topic: Frigidaire SxS fridge model #GLHS36EFSB0,the temp setting showed "o"&"F" & dead  (Read 3354 times)

Offline shillion

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My customer has the above fridge,  Frigidaire SxS, model# GLHS36EFSB0, the house power went dead for 7 hours.After power came back on,the freezer setting showed "o",the fresh food setting showed "F",those settings cannot be changed and nothing is working.No fan,no compressor.She unplugged it for an hour and plugged back in,still no difference.The service diagnostics does not mention how to change the settings back to normal setting such as "5" for both settings.I am stuck.Anybody had the same kind of problem?Please help!         Shillion :embarassed:

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It must be the main control board....I would replace it.

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Frigidaire temp controls are sometimes counter intuitive.  Like turn down to turn up.  Try that?

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Offline shillion

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This is Shillion who started this post.At the time I was at the customer's home,I tried everything that the service manual mentioned.I and the customer even tried pushing the ON/OFF switch to get it running again.All efforts failed after over2 hours.I found the customer a Frigidaire warranty depot repairman,thinking it would cost her over $400 because the control board cost $220Canadian,and the guy likely does not have the part with him.It turned out you just have to press the ON switch long enough until the fridge started running.So I learned the hard way and did not make any money.If the manual had mentioned about pressing the ON switch until the fridge started I would have saved lots of time and made some money.I thank all those who suggested solutions for this "problem".From now on I will be more careful about this kind of problem and hope other service man can learn from this experience.There are lots of cases of computer controls problems which needed only "shutting off power"for 15 minutes or so to reset it,and no need to send for the repairman.I told many customers about this fix and saved them a service call.Thanks again for your quick response!


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