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Whirlpool Dishwasher Model GU940SCGB3 Door Leak

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--- Quote ---1) Would a thread sealer on the screws help? The screws seem fairly tight, though. Perhaps the pump seal is "scrunched" a bit.

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No, you should not need any thread sealer. You really need to take the top off and look at the seal to make sure it's in place.

--- Quote ---2) Should the screws be torqued to a certain setting?

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No, just tighten by hand.

--- Quote ---3) Could the problem be the tear in the front of the filter? Isn't the water traveling down through the filter? I don't see how that could be the problem.

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No, the the tear in the filter would not make it leak out the door.

Does it seem to leak out the door with some force behind the water or does the water just drip out of the door?

I would take the top off of the pump and take a look at the seal to make sure it is in place. Many times they get pushed out of the place from the water pressure.

Let us know what you find there....

Again, thanks for answering my questions!

The water flows, not drips, out of the lower right corner of the door.

I removed the pump cover today and found the seal in very good condition. When the seal was cleaned of some whitish deposits,  carefully replaced with the black rubber edge slightly higher than the groove in which it fits, and the screws firmly torqued by hand, the overflow in the right corner returned. The water does not spurt out but flows out quickly with a pint coming out within a minute.

The screws for the pump cover are "staninless" steel but show some rusting under the head area on the screw shaft.

Hmm, something else you could check is the vent screen, #12 in the diagram.
You can just snap it out of the door by using a flate blade screwdriver.

I have seen were hard water deposits will build up in the screen and then instead of the water hitting the screen and running back inside the dishwasher the water runs down the inside of the door.

Also check the holes in the spray arm to make sure they are clean. If stuff gets in the spary arm holes it can aim the water towards the bottom of the door instead of straight up.

If you don't find anything there then it's time to remove the front panel of the dishwasher so you can look for the leak when it is running.

Kind of hard to tell from the diagram, but I think the colored panel is held in place with a plastic strip at the bottom of the washer. Put your hand in the center of the colored panel and try to slid it up. It will only slide up 1/8" or so and as you hold it there peal off the black plastic strip at the bottom of the panel.

Once the bottom strip is removed you can work the colored door panel out of your way so you can see inside the door.

Shut the door and run it with the outside panel off so you can look for the leak.

On second thought you colored panel maybe held in place with the screws along side the inside door panel.

Does your model have the nozzel cap on top of the spray arm as in the attachment below?

If so take a look at it to make sure there is not a hole in the side of it.

I will try and find the service manual for that model and post it here.

Here is the service manual for your dishwasher.


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