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Frigidaire Dishwasher Keeps Running, Timer not Advancing


Model # FDB510LCS1, the complaint was the unit would just keep running and the customer would need to manually advance the timer to get it to finish. This unit has a temperature boost option the consumer can select in order to ensure the dishwasher is washing at a hotter temperature than the normal home hot water temperature. When selected, the timer motor circuit is controlled by a thermostat mounted under the tub that will keep the timer from advancing unit it reaches it's operating temperature which in this case is 127 degrees Fahrenheit. During this pause, (some units use multiple pauses) the heating element is activated and the wash pump will continue to circulate, thus heating the water. Once the tub temperature reaches the 127f, the thermostat will close (opposite of how most of them work) and turn the timer motor back on allowing the wash cycle to continue. Often, the cause of this failure would be a failed heating element, but in this case, the temperature boost thermostat was not closing and needed to be replaced. This unit now works just fine.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Thermostat Part # 154227806


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