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Good luck with the repair, let us know how it goes...

How did the repair go?


I just joined this forum and I think its great. I always try to fix my own appliances before I have to call someone. Thanks for providing all the great info. I was looking for the LG dishwasher manual. It doesn't seem to be listed with all the other manuals. Has it been removed?



Hi Maypo52,

Thanks for joining us. The LG dishwasher manual has been moved, but not removed from the site.

The LG manuals, Frigidaire manual along with training manuals and other special training videos have been moved to a different area of the forums in the download section.

This are of the forums is only available to Charter Members and the technicians that help us out.

The Maytag and Whirlpool manuals will alway's stay available for regular members to download.

We just started to make this change and have a few more details to work out.

I will be sending you a PM shorlty.



Sorry I never gave an update. The 5 min epoxy has been working all this time and I forgot about it. But I'll be ordering the part soon. As long ast sends the correct part it should be a quick repair.

Thanks again!


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