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repeated 2004 GE microwave failure when oven in same cabinant is used


MY parents purchased a house with a GE 1.6cu microwave from 2004 that sits atop a small oven in a metal cabin. The microwave has vents on the left that have zero clearance but does have a space cut for the vents below-plenty of room behind and above.

It died under homeowners warranty and the magnetron was replaced ~3 years ago. Now it died again and my parents realized that it happens when they use it at the same time as the microwave.

This time the display is out, but you can run it and get all the right noises but it doesn't warm.

Is it the heat from the oven while both were running that killed it? If so, what kind of damage would it have done?

I'm encouraging them to get a slightly smaller Panasonic to replace but they'd like to see about repairing it.

Model number?

sorry, its a JES1855PBH-03


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