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Is there a way to mark a post as SOLVED?


Hi Fellas!
I just wanted to say thanks to all of you appliancejunk experts that helped me with my dryer repair last month.  Needless to say ... I could not have done it without you.  I've got to say ... I almost feel like a pro now!   O0  Just kidding! 
But seriously, I did learn so much more than just how to fix my dryer.  I learned how to prevent certain problems and so many "best" or "better" way to do other things.  Thanks!!  ;)
To any other new (or "old") members looking for help ... I was terrified of working with electricity, but these appliancejunk guys made me feel competent and secure ... and more importantly ... safe!  Take advantage of their expertise.
One more huge THANK YOU!! to all who so generously (and patiently) gave of their time and talents to help this old broad!
PS  I almost forgot ... is there a way to flag a post as SOLVED?

Glad we could help and thank you for all the kind words.  O0

--- Quote ---PS  I almost forgot ... is there a way to flag a post as SOLVED?

--- End quote ---

There is now. Go back to the first post you created in the topic and click on Modify.

You can then change the Message Icon: to Solved.

Click saved at the bottom of your post and this will put a green check mark next to the subject in the message index for that board.

Thank you,

its nice seeing users take the time to come back and say the problem was solved

oh and thanks much for the generous donation you made to the site  O0


top marks in my books

if you have appliance problems in the future feel free to prvt msg me if your asking questions late at night(i notice those quicker while navigating the site)

always post in the appropriate topic first though incase i'm drunk at the wheel  :P


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