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Fisher & Paykel Dryer No Operation


Model # DE09, this dryer just stopped operating and would not function at all. After verifying power at the terminal block, I started checking the safety components and found the thermal fuse mounted to the heater housing was open. Fisher & Paykel parts can be hard to come by, but this model dryer was made for F&P by GE of Canada, so the parts are actually GE part numbers. Replaced the thermal fuse and the unit now operates properly.

Dryer Thermal Fuse Part # WE4M137

That looks like a thermal fuse, part # WE4X800
So you are saying the F&P is really a disguised GE product? They musta been so ashamed of their last model that they Invented a whole new line. Brian have you done any work on F&P washers?

Hey JW, you are correct.  At least the part about the thermal fuse part number.  This was the base model F&P dryer for those that didn't want to purchase (pay the money) the top loader dryer.  I have been working on the F&P products for a few years now and really the washers a a good product.  The the Aquasmart line is essentially the same, but they fixed the things we Americans seemed to break on the previous versions.  Not hard to work on at all and as long as you cleaned the jewelry, strings, trinkets, etc., out of your pockets first, they worked well.  Unfortunately, the technology was used by Whirlpool to produce the Cabrio line and the Kenmore Oasis washers, and once the engineers added all the neat new features and heavier panels for the American market, the thing jumped in price and failed twice as often.  Can you say F51 errors? 


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