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GE Damper Doors


I own a used appliance shop and have come across this for the third time now in two years. This current model is a GSS22JEPAWW and the damper door will not stay open. So far I have put in a NEW main board, changed the damper assembly with one from a known working fridge of the same model which has the FF themistor attached, and changed the temp control and the damper still wont stay open. The door IS engaging the switch and turning the light off.

Any ideas? I read that (for some odd reason) the freezer thermistor can be the cause of this. Not the one on the coil, but the one at the bottom by the feezer drain. I'll try it out and post up the results. Can't hurt because there is nothing at all left to change.

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle..... Changed the freezer thermistor and the little door opened on it's own. Been running about 20-30 minutes now and still open. I'll let it run overnight and see if it's cold in the morning.

I wonder if that works for a damper door stuck open also? I have one of those here too, the mainboard was coming next on that one. Out of thermistors now so it will have to wait till morning.



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