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Maytag Neptune Drain Pump


I have MAH3000BGW.
It doesn't drain water.  I took the drain pump out and took it apart and found that the propeller come off the motor shaft... (not sure if it is the right words to describe.  Please see the images.)  I try to put it back in, but it comes off easily.  Is there a way to put it back on securely?  Is there anything missing from the shaft?

Hi toey,

The water pump is not made to be repaired and will need to be replaced.
I looked up your model number (MAH3000BGW) and it uses water pump AP4027938

Thanks for the info.  I am in Thailand, and I haven't found a site that will ship international yet...

Also, it seems to be easy enough to fix it, if I know how to... :-(


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