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Kenmore 71802 Gas Dryer won't stay hot


My Kenmore gas dryer, model # 71802, won't stay hot. When the cycle first starts there is a flame. But after a short period of time the flame goes out and will not relight. I see a glow and then hear a click and the glow goes out, no flame. It was recommended I check the coils for continuity, which I did. They seem fine. I am learning as I go, and am beginning to wonder if I am over my head. Thanks for any advice!

The coils are electro/mechanical devices, they do not test well, if your burner lights when you first turn the dryer on while it is cold but will not re-light till the dryer has have time to cool off the coils have gotten weak and need to be replaced...

I installed replacement coils this evening, part # 279834
Now my dryer is working fine. Thank you!

Cool!!  Thanks for letting us know..... :D


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