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GE Refrigerator Keeps Clicking

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Hello, I am working on a GE Refrigerator over and under , the Model # is GTH18EBTZRWW and the compressor will start for about 10 seconds and then shut off for about 45 seconds. I have changed the little brown and white relay and it still does it. I checked continuity on the compressor and its fine, I checked for a dead short as well. A service tech here locally tells me that we have a weak compressor as the relay/overload is very warm right after it starts up. I did however notice that there is a small computer board i near the cold control unit and I looked at both sides of it and did not see anything that looks burned out. Also, if I was to check the amps at the compressor how many amps should it be pulling and WHICH wire do I test? Thanks in advance for any help as I am still learning. >:(

I am not sure which color wire but most I have done pull about 10 amps when starting and shouldn't be over 17 amps from what I know.

10 to 13 on start amps run not over 1.5 hook up to one of the wires going to the relay.Blue or Brown I think .Does this unit have a capacitor? I can't find the model.

Yes the capacitor goes right in thru the relay to the compressor and I checked it out and its ok, any ideas ??? Does the relay being real hot usually a sign that it is a weak compressor? I am thinking that the compressor may be locked up therefore it would be a bad compressor, I am really not sure on this. Thanks again for any help!!!!

Going into start not run ,Bad Compressor. Check your amps and see if the overload trips on high amps if it does replace compressor.


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