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Looking for service manuals, dryer not heating


Hello all I am serching for these service / repair manuals MHWE450WW02 and MGDE500VW2 .
The gas dryer will not heat up.

Here are the tech sheets, maybe they will help.

MHWE450WW02 Maytag Washer Tech Sheet # W10217131 Rev # B

MGDE500VW2 Maytag Dryer Tech Sheet # W10258377 Rev # B

--- Quote ---The gas dryer will not heat up.[/size]
--- End quote ---

Can you see the ignitor come on?

What one of the two models are you working on?

Hello AJ thank you for the info. The MHWE450WW02 is a washer, if you delete the 02 making it MHWE450WW you should be able to verify that. The 02 is add on to the #, on the inside door area. I would still like to get that manual if possible.
Now for the problem, I took delivery for the new appliances Friday and today I remove the back cover, found chucks of the graphite heating element, so I pull it back to gather and returned to Home Depot. It must of got dropped in shipping. So my problem is solved


--- Quote ---The MHWE450WW02 is a washer
--- End quote ---

I should have known that too from looking at the tech sheet, sorry about that.
I have corrected the title in the download links for that one. :)

Could not find any service manuals for them models, but maybe another member can come up with some.


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