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Maytag Neptune MDG5500AW Repair Manual

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I'm wondering if anyone could direct me to the Repair Manual for the Maytag Neptune MDG5500AW Gas Dryer.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Elaine,

Here is the service manual for your model dryer.;sa=view;down=67

What is wrong with your dryer?

Thank you for the manual.  It's actually for my dad.  The dryer is running but it takes forever to dry the clothes.  He's done a variety of things (cleaned out the dryer vents, replaced a few parts, etc.).  He's wondering if it is the control panel but he wants to be sure before he replaces it. 


Ok, here are a couple more that you may find helpful too.

63902110 Troubleshooting Guide Maytag NeptuneTM Dryer MDG6800A, MDG5500B

16026750 Tech sheet for Maytag MDG5500*, MDG6800* Dryer

and here is the Parts Diagram for your model dryer.

Lots of info on this dryer. :)

Let us know what your dad find or if you have any other questions.

Thanks so much:)


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