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Washer won't stop filling - WBVH6240


Hi there,

I'm trying to fix our washer (again! I've already replaced the pump, argh!). We have a GE WBVH6240 washer. I first noticed it the other day when after the cycle was complete the water was still filling. I had to turn the water off at the wall outlets.

I just ran through the three test modes: t06 Pressure Switch Test, t08 Hot Water test, and t09 Cold Water Test. I didn't notice any error codes for the t08 or 09, it just ran through the test and returned to the t08 or t09 on the display.

Now when I did the t06 I frankly couldn't complete it. It started to fill and reached the F, but then that was it. From there it just kept filling and filling and get the picture. It never showed the "nl" when it reached the Main water level or "of" when it reached the overflow level on its own, but it did start to chug out some water every so often after the tub was at least half full. It didn't sound pleasant so I got a little nervous and pressed the "Start/Pause" button in an attempt to stop the test. All that did was change the display to "nl". So I waited and it still was filling then chugging out water every so often. After about a minute of this I tried pressing the "Start/Pause" button again because as far as I could tell it was already at the overflow level and this did nothing. It was still displaying "nl" and filling. I ended up running through the "Signal" and "Delay" button sequence to exit the test mode which drained the tub but I had to again shut the water off at the wall outlet.

So, my question is when I initially asked about this problem pre-test on another forum I received the response that it was probably the water inlet valve, but after these tests I'm wondering if it actually is the pressure switch, any ideas? As many are, my Mom and I are a bit strapped financially, so I'd rather get the right part the first time.

Thanks so much for any help you guys can provide!
Aimee :)

I agree it's the water inlet valve that's bad.  The next time it starts to overfill, unplug the washer.  If it continues to fill, it has to be a bad valve.

Okee-dokee! Unplugged and still running. Just ordered the part. Thank you SOOOO much for your help!  :D

Just wanted to let you know that that did the trick. And were awesome! I think I got the part within 24 hrs of ordering. I couldn't believe it. Thanks for your help! :)


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