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Please help, Whirlpool refrigerator not cooling good.

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 I have a whirlpool refrigerator model number ed27dqxbw01.
It is running all the time, but stuff in the freezer is soft and the milk in the refrigerator section is warm.

Is this something I can repair myself?
What do I look for first?

Thanks much,

Need to see if the fan in the freezer is running or not, if it is need to see if the compressor at the rear bottm of the frig is running, if it is see if the condensor fan motor by the compressor is running, if it is see if the condensor coil under the box is clogged, if it is not see if there is frost clogging the panel covering the evaperator in the freezer....let us know what you find...

Hi Pegi,

Thanks for the quick reply.
The freezer fan was running. The compressor was also running and the fan next to the compressor was not running.

I almost hate to say what I found stuck in the fan.
Can you believe I found a dead mouse in there.  :o

I removed the mouse and the fan started running again.

I had never cleaned the coils on the bottom, so I gave them a good cleaning with the vac.

The compressor was really hot when I touched it.

Do you think the compressor is ok?
Do you think getting the fan running and cleaning the coils will fix it?

How long before I should be able to tell if it's working again or not?

Thank you,

Finding Mice in that fan blade happens all of the time, no way to know if the compressor is damaged or not, just let it run and see if it cools down, will take about 24 hours for the frig to cool down and start cycling normally...glad it was something simple for you, have a good day.. :)..Pegi

It seems to be working great so far today. :)
Will keep watching it, but I think its going to be ok.

Thanks for telling me what to look for.



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