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Wrong size Gas tube


I am working on a Kenmore gas range model 362.73212202. The customer attempted to raise the cook top without unscrewing the burners first. They broke the gas lines to the front two burners. Based on the model number, I ordered a left and right gas tube WB28K10024 and WB28K10025. After I installed the new gas tubes, they did not align with the front burner orifice. If looking at the burners, the new gas tubes aligned north of the burners. I checked most of the corresponding models on the Sears web site and found that there is only 2 types of tubes WB28K1024/25 and WB28K10190/92 with the orifice already attached. Now the strange part, the WB28K10190 aligns perfectly, but it has an orifice already attached! The orifice holder on this model is not made for WB2k10190 but is made for WB2k10024. Did someone make an unknown modification? ::)

So I guess my question(s) is there a shorter gas tube out there with compression nuts on both ends? Or should I just change out the burner bracket and use WB28k10190 and call it a day. ???

GE is good about sending new parts but slack on giving out upgrade info.


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