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LG Dryer will not power on

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See this?

They list 2 small limits and a larger cycling thermostat. Let me ask ya this are both those small themostats mounted on the heater cannot tell what size the one behind is.

Do I have to take the drum out? What a pain, it seems it doesn't open from the back which would be much easier.....Any tricks??


From what I can tell in the diagram there seems to be a thermistor and blower thermostat behind the blower housing unit? Would either of these having problems cause the power not to turn on??
Thanks again....

Ok take a look at this pix:
(Click to enlarge)

That drum gotta come out. You gotta clean er up anyway and oil the rollers right?
Just to the right of the motor the red yellow and white wires? That limit must be back there.
The thermistor would control air temp and the other one would be the fuse I imagine. What ya thank?
Check em and see if either one is open. Do it with their wires disconnected from them.


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