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LG Dryer will not power on

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I did disconnect the wires before testing...There are 2 control boards on this dryer...the one I was sent was the display....maybe its the other control board...who knows...might be calling someone in the morning....thanks for the help...

Did you replace the control board?  That may be your problem.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for all the help, I did order a control board and it should arrive tomorrow, since noone around here stocks LG parts.....I'll update after I try it...Question..If I have everything disconnected, door, steam stuff, will I be able to connect the control board and plug in the dryer and should I get power to the control board? Or do I need to have the door and other thing connected? Just hoping I can do a quick test once the board comes in......Thanks again...

I just came across one of these today. 

LG steam dryer.  No input what so ever no power.  But the light comes on.

  I was hoping beyond all hope that it was a thermal fuse but if I recall corecctly the thermal fuse on the LG just cuts power to the dryer same with the thermistor (actually both give an error)  I have no power.
So I'm ordering a control, I hope that does it.  The manual flow chart said Check for 230-240vac ----->  Check connections---- Check Control.    Connections are good, we have proper voltage.
   I was bummed it wasn't a belt switch or thermal fuse, lol.  I carry the belts and the thermals but don't carry the ebr36858809 PCB board.

   Have to get that from Birmingham Alabama.

Look at the yellow three pin connector on pcb. Look in epoxy for burn


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