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LG Dryer will not power on

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Help!! I have a DLEX7177WM LG dryer.....My dryer will not power on, I have checked the power connections at the wall and on the dryer. When I open the dryer the light will come on, but pressing the power button does not work. I thought it might be the control board but just received that today and it was not the problem..  :'( What else can cause this problem. I have taken off the front panel and control panel but not the drum, I read something about the thermistor?? Is that behind the drum? ..I have read some docs but not sure how to find the parts.....Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Supposed to be a resetable limit mounted on the exhaust ducting. I would love to see a pc of it. One day somebody will brang me one of these dudes and I will take some pix.

The first thing to do would be to make sure you have 220-240 volts going to the dryer.
The light only needs 110-120 volts to work. You will need a multimeter to check the voltage.

Then I would check the High Limit Thermostats you will need a multimeter to check the thermostats.

Does this look like your dryer service manual?

Thanks for the responses, I do not see anything mounted on the exhaust ducting. I have checked that the unit is getting power with my multimeter...seems to be around 243 volts. I believe I checked the High Limit thermostat, it that connected to the outside of the coil box? I am attaching a picture. I unplugged the wires to these 2 fuses/thermostats and there was continuity, do I need to check anything else, is this the right place? And that does seem to be my service manual but am a newbie and don't know how to read electric diagrams.....Thanks again for the help....

Good pic of the heater and high limits however the thermal fuse/limit will probably be mounted on the blower housing have you got a pic of it?


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