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Kenmore up right freezer 970-C244621


Need help with a manual for this up right freezer.   Customer said it freezes fine,  runs steady, and he is right, as my gauge says -40 and it does run steady.  He was told it was the temp control board, so he ordered it, and installed it and that did not correct/or control the temp.  So he was going to order the lower board, and they wanted 170.00 for it,  and went and bought a new horizontal.  So he gave it to me.  I plugged it in, and hes right.  On the front monitor,  it flashed from CE to 48 degree, but inside its -40 with my gauges.   So need the manual to figure this animal out.  ??? Only a few years old,  in mint condition.  Brent@CanBC

Hi Brent, How about this?  Are you still hanging out at repairnet?

Thanks tgoods.   This is a Whirlpool made up right,  but Frigidaire manual might work.  Will try things and see what goes.  Looks like the board,  and it runs steady,  and goes to -50.  Didn't know a Domestic up right could go that low.   I found it beeping when I came in the morning, so shut it off till I could get some info to do some tests on it.
Yes to still in RepairNet forum.  I do come in here a lot now,  and another two.  Thanks for the assistance. Brent@CanBC

--- Quote from: Brent@CanBC on November 27, 2011, 05:20:06 AM --- ... Kenmore 970-C244621
 ... This is a Whirlpool made up right 
--- End quote ---
I don't think so ...
It's made by Frigidaire ...

Your right Pat,  970 is Frigidaire built.  Brent@CanBC


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