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Happy Thanksgiving

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It is smellin mighty good up in here

What time we eating JW, I'll bring the beer. Thats looking good.

Should be ready around noon Just got through peeling 9 boiled eggs. At 11 I am going to cut up and remove the turkey then add the cornbread and eggs along with some stock to the roaster. Then I am gonna place the meat back on top of dressing for transport to the church. A lot of people gonna be happy happy!

JW, your a good man ! God bless you.


--- Quote from: wildimaginations on November 24, 2011, 07:00:11 AM ---Happy Thanksgiving! 

This is already starting to be a busy day.  I got a desperate call from a customer that their Kenmore electric oven won't work.  Don't know if I can save Thanksgiving for them but they were happy that I'm coming by around 8am to see what can be done. 

At the stroke of midnight, Black Friday starts.  LET THE RAT RACE BEGIN!!!

--- End quote ---

How did that turn out for you?
Do you charge double time on holidays?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Time for some more pie :)


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