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Ge fridge w/circuit board not cooling

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Heading out there tomorrow morning.  Unit is not cooling. No frost build up (per customer).  Back of unit where circuit board is has been pryed open (per customer).  I will go through usuall check's but anyone have an initial thought of what to watch out for.  I know many times it's the board but it's the first time I have run into one of these.  Possible thermistor?  Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Dave

Larry brought one over. The condenser fan would run but the compressor was not coming on. I removed the board and found a burnt spot on the underside of it. I used a solder iron and repaired the loose joint then re installed the board. The compressor came right on and the coils began to get frost right away. The unit is still working fine. I took some photos:

Service Manual

Thanks JW!

Took all of 10 min.'s to diagnose.  Unplugged check heater/def. therm. circuit from J plug's at board and it was open.  Found bad heater in freezer.  Eazy Breezy, wish they were all like that.


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