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Kenmore Washer Noises


I have a Kenmore washer model 110.82374800 which is a dated machine.  All operations are completed.  However, there is an occasional solid noise the agitator makes.  Not sure what it is.  Any suggestions?

That is the old wig wag style washer. The motor travels in one direction only. To do the wash and spin they implement a dual solenoid mounted on the transmission which constantly moves while the tranny main pulley is turning. This wigwag provides the motion when the timer activates solenoids which yank up shift pins connected to shift rods with slots stamped into them. As the shift pin gets into a slot it moves the gears inside the tranny and also yanks open a flap on the pump. The noise you might be hearing unfortunately is something within the tranny itself. Keep it as long as you can. New washers are not worth a plug nickle these days. I would spend my money getting that puppy repaired. Indestructible reliability.

Thanks for the info.  Seldom do you find anything built to last today.   I am usually amazed at the timing - just mailed all the Christmas stuff off and now this.  Thanks again.  I'll fix it when it dies.


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