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6th sense AWM 8143 6kg Error F09 - here's a challenge for you!

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Given to us by a friend, rarely used and a new model but no warranty.
I've looked on the web for this error and done everything it says to do but still the error comes up.
When I press start, water starts coming in but after 10 seconds it shuts off and the lights start flashing and the display says F09 (which incidently is NOT listed under errors in the handbook).
Initial problem happened when my husband accidently put soap flakes in the dispenser drawer and water starting gushing out of the drawer as it had clogged and the water couldn't flow in to the drum. I removed all the soap build up (must have accumulated over a bit of time from other soaps as well), poured some hot water in to remove any unreachable soap and started the machine again. This is when the error started.
Hate to have to call a repair person as I'm sure it something so simple.

My filter is behind a round flap at the bottom right of the machine. I have opened this, let the water drain and checked for any debris - none. Reached in (unplugged of course) and felt around and nothing was there. Replaced filter and put 500ml water in the soap dispenser (as per manual instructions for checking the filter).

Behind the kick panel (prises off, no screws) is the residual water hose that sticks out and has a cap on the end.
Should I be checking this?

How do I check for drain pump failure, inlet valve shut off and the pressure switch? These are things other websites have suggested for the F09 error but they don't explain what it means or how to do it.

Any suggestions?


"Here's one for you."
Australia AWM 8143 Service Manual e-mailed

Thanks reggie, I told neeky somebody would come through!!


You from Australia?

Yay! Thanks guys.  :)
I haven't had a chance to look through but will do asap before my clothes start walking out of the laundry in protest.

Yes I'm Aussie ......why? Will the manual be in bigger font with all the big words explained for me? ha ha ha


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