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Need some help here.....I have a 3 year old LG Refrigerator Model # LRSC26922TT that is currently not running. It won't get cold and compressor will not run. I Just replaced WITH NEW the main mother board and NEW PTC Assembly. Compressor will not turn on.... it just clicks like it's trying to start. I pulled the PTC assembly off and took an ohm meter and ohm'd the compressor and it tested fine so I know it is not a locked up compressor. I even took out a new start capacitor that I had laying around and jumped the compressor without the PTC Assembly connected. I Hooked up the start capacitor and a set of jumper test wires and tried to Jump the compressor. The compressor started with the test wires and the PTC Unplugged, the refrigerator pulled down and ran and started to cool and refrigerate but when I tried to hook the PTC assembly back up the compressor will not start? I even tried to put the extra capacitor in-line with the PTC assembly but still won't start, I'm scratching my head ??? ?? Does any one know what else I can do?  Possibly replace the  start and/ or run capacitors with NEW? ??? Any help would be greatly appreciated

The one thing you didn't mention is replacing the 2 capacitors located next to the main board.  Have you replaced those as well?  Their part numbers are J513-00012P and 0CZZJB2010H.  Their location is 407A and 407B.

I have not yet replaced them yet. That is my next purchase

Can anyone help me with the wiring on my compressor and PTC on my LG Refrigerator Model # LRSC26922TT I just received a new PTC from Sears parts direct and the color code and wiring was different when I received it and opened it up from the packaging. There are four wires that are visible from the bottom of the wiring harness. There is a Red Wire, Pink Wire, Blue Wire and Black Wire, I need to know where and what location that they go. I have a schematic but it is confusing on what lead goes where. I don't want to screw anything up.
There are three pins on the compressor two on the top (Sort of like two Eyes) and one on the bottom (Sort of like a nose). What color wire goes where and where does the fourth wire go or does it gets jumpered off another?  Any help would be great. I can send you a picture when I get to the shop.

They should be able to go in exactly as you pulled out the old one.


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