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How my new Troy-Bilt Storm 2620 Snow Thrower Leaks Gas.

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Ends up the float was stuck on it. I ended up storing it with a dry gas tank when I put it away last March or so.

The repair guy calls me this afternoon and said it has never leaked a drop sense I dropped it off. Loading it up and bringing it down there must have unstuck the float. It's funny because I even tapped on the bowl a few times thinking that the float must just be stuck. Guess I should have got a little rougher with it, lol...

He cleaned up all the gas that was spilt on it and adjust the side glides so my scraper blade was down were it should be. On top of it he let me use his ramps to load and unload it in my pickup.

The bill, $5.00 check out charge.

I think he maybe even cheaper the JW, lol...



--- Quote from: JWWebster on November 22, 2011, 07:44:08 PM ---Awesome!

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I was happy about it.

Bring on the snow!! ;)

Just the float stuck huh?  Having the same issue with mine...will give it a couple taps and see if it frees...

Small engines are very susceptible to "stale" fuel. As fuel sits and slowly evaporates , it breaks down and leaves behind a sticky varnish(stuck float or something)and other gook.

I use Sta-Bal fuel additive in my small engine and motorcycle gas.It helps slow the fuel decay down.Sta-Bal is not needed if your engine is a daily user (or often).

My small engines sit for up 6 months or more.I also start the season with a fresh can of gas.
The smaller the amount of fuel, the quicker it seems to break down."Hey my weed eater won't start ..worked fine last summer"  Yeah,  Change the gas.


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