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How my new Troy-Bilt Storm 2620 Snow Thrower Leaks Gas.

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I purchased this Troy-Bilt Storm 2620 Snow Thrower new on Feb. 8th, 2011.

After owning it for just a few weeks the chute directional control stopped working. I was able to repair that myself by replacing a missing pin in the box below the chute control handle.

This year I filled it up with gas for the first time and put it away in my garage. A couple hours later I enter my garage and I smell gas.

I take a look at my snow thrower and it's dripping gas all over the place. I pushed it outside and the next morning after the snow storm take this video of it leaking gas.

It has a constant drip and when you push the primer bulb in gas squirts out of it.

I have called the first six warranty service centers that come up on the troy-bilt website when I do a search in my area by zip code (57252) and they all tell me that they don't do troy-bilt warranty work.

Troy-bilts own 800 number just gives me a busy signal every time I try calling it.

Anyone else ever have this problem with a Troy-Bilt snow thrower?

I got a free gas tank one year when my plastic gas tank had a leak. I see where some snowblowers have been recalled for the same probo. Is your engine the same make as a Toro?


--- Quote ---Is your engine the same make as a Toro? [/size]
--- End quote ---

I believe mine is different.

This is the Troy-Bilt Storm 2620 Snow Thrower that I own.

I loaded it up and took it to a local small engine guy in town here this morning. I'm guessing it something with the float being stuck or not working anymore, but I'm not a small engine guy and I don't have time to mess with it myself.

Geez you already dealin with snow? 78 here today


--- Quote from: JWWebster on November 21, 2011, 10:53:35 AM ---Geez you already dealin with snow? 78 here today

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Yep, first snow of the year 4 inches.


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