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Microwave Oven Repairs- A DIY friendly approach

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One of my old time associates in Florida, a Mr. John Gallawa, is an authority on microwave ovens. I have relied on his advice countless times in the past when I would encounter a commercial microwave in the field that I could not figure out. He wrote several reference books and is currently producing CDs and DVDs  for both the service industry and the do-it-yourself group, which includes the members of this forum. Since I rarely see microwave questions on most forums, including mine, I assume it is from lack of guidance. Most people shun repairing these due to the high cost of service calls vs. replacement.

I'm not necessarily promoting a product here, but for all of you who have wished they knew more about microwaves, this is definitely a solution.

Years ago when I started I was the only technician in our shop that would touch a microwave.
There were many day's I would repair 8,9, 10 microwaves a day in the shop as people would bring them to you.

Now the only microwaves I ever look at are the ones above the range and some of them are getting so cheap now too.

You're right about the slack in microwave repairs lately. This started when prices suddenly dropped to $100 or less for base models. (Thank you NAFTA). Remember Goldstar?  Now look at LG!  At any rate, I carry one of his CDs in my laptop case for reference now. Although people don't call me out specifically for microwaves, I make it a point to mention that I repair them while on a washer or oven call. You never know when you might get a positive response.

Whens the last time you used one of his CD's?

Last Friday, April 4th on a Sharp Carousel issue a customer was having. Went right to the wiring diagram. A week before that, I encountered a GE Advantium in the field that threw me a loop until I found it also referenced on the CD. Don't know about you, but the service on these is definitely there.


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